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About Caroline

About Caroline

Caroline is a qualified teacher/lecturer for both further and higher education. Her qualifications include: FHEA (Fellow of Higher Education) & CERT ED (Certificate in Education). She has taught and lectured in both further and higher education in many related topics for over 25 years.

She is a highly qualified Holistic Therapist having trained and built her skills over 30 years. Caroline has trained and qualified in the following: NVQ Level 4, HHITT, ITEC, Reiki Master Healer/Teacher, Angelic Reiki, Spiritual Healer, Crystal Healing, Animal Communication, Mindfulness, Shamanic Practitioner, Massage, Aromatherapy, Flower Essences, Bowen, Kinesiology, and several other holistic therapies for both human and equine.

She has also trained in Psychic Development and Mediumship at the Arthur Findley College.

Caroline is a qualified Mindfulness Teacher and Coach. She has studied and trained with the Mindfulness Association. As a qualified mindfulness teacher, she meets the "UK Good Practice Guidelines for Mindfulness Teachers". She offers mindfulness training & workshops as an approach to enhance one's own healthy living.

Caroline has developed a unique technique used with animals. The Heart Mind Technique combines Mindfulness and the Heart connection developing a deeper loving and TRUSTING relationship that can be used during training, rehabilitation, times of stress or just for sharing a meaningful relationship.

She offers a full range of workshops and courses which support, enhance and encourage individuals to balance their lives and reduce stress. She can support you with your individual spiritual path and help you become self-empowered.

Caroline is also a highly-qualified Equestrian. She holds one of the highest British Horse Society Instructor / Coach qualifications, BHSI, BHS Level 5 performance coach in complete horsemanship and can be found on the BHS register for instructor/coaches. She is also a fully qualified Equine Consultant and Behaviourist, being a member of the Society of Equine Behaviour Consultants (SEBC). Caroline's equestrian website is www.cmbequine.co.uk

Caroline is fully insured, she has a current and up to date first aid certificate, safeguarding and is qualified in Health and Safety holding the NEBOSH qualification.

Foundation Monthly Development Groups

Foundation Development Groups in 2022

 Monthly Foundation Development Groups



Cost: only £18 per session


contact for further details
The Foundation development group is for people how have less expereinced working with energy or who would like to refresh their understanding of the listed topics.

This is a wonderful opportunity to be supported whilst developing your energy awareness, connection and spirituality. Everyone is welcome to these friendly and supportive groups.

Please press learn more to access further informaotin including topics covered.

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Advanced Monthly Development Groups 

 Development Groups in held in Madeley Staffordshire & Weston Cheshire in 2022

Our Monthly Advanced Development Groups

Madeley in Staffordshire Times 10am - 1pm.




Weston in Cheshire Times 1-4pm




This group is for the more experienced working with energy.

This is a wonderful opportunity to be supported whilst developing your energy awareness, connection and spirituality. Everyone is welcome to these friendly and supportive groups.

Please press learn more to access further informaotin including topics covered.

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Monthly Mindfulness & Meditation Group.

Monthly Mindfulness & Meditation Group in 2022


Date: Autumn 2022

Date TBC

The Mindfulness & Meditation group is a way of developing your practice in a supportive environment with like minded people.

1:1 Mindfulness Coaching is available Please contact me for details.

Minfulnness Crouses Available include:

Mindfulness Based Living Course

Compassionate Based Living Course

Mindfulness with Animals - Developing Trust

Upcoming FREE taster Dates:-TBC

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Crystal Healing 

Empowered Crystals (2021) on line Courses via Zoom with Caroline & Dawn

Each course cost £20 paid in advanced. Special offer: Pay for 5 in advance and get £10 Empowered Crystals Credit to purchase crystals of your choice.

Caroline and Dawn would like to invite you to our Introduction to Crystal courses where we will share with you the fascinating world of crystals.

Time: 11.00am - 2.00pm

1. Date: TBC - Healing with Crystals

2. Date: TBC  - Crystal Grids

3. Date: TBC  - Crystals & Pets

4. TBC - Crystals & Angels

5. TBC - Crysatl Uses

Please click button below for further details

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Spiritual Healing

Please contact me for dates in 2020

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Advanced Healing

This course is available for those who are  established healers who are working at a minimum of Reiki Level 2 or equivalent. This course helps to further develop our connection to the inner self and the spiritual healing energies we work with.

Date: Please contact me for dates in 2022 TBC

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Reiki Energy Healing for People

Reiki Healing Level 1 for People or People & Animals

please contact for dates

Reiki Level 2 for People or People and Animals

Please contact for dates

Reiki Level 3

Saturday 10th September 2022

Reiki Healing can be used on humans, animals, plants, in fact anything with a living energy. This wonderful healing energy works on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels to help bring the 'body' into health and balance. Reiki is quite simply the Life Force that is in all things and fills all space.

Reiki Workshops, where participants train progressively through Reiki Levels 1, 2 and 3 and up to Master level are held throughout the year.

You can train to become a healer for people only or for people and animals including horses.

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Reiki Animal Energy Healing

Reiki Level 1 Animals -

Reiki Level 2 for  Animals

Date:  To be confirmed

Reiki Level 2 Animal

(Pre requisit - Reiki level 1 People and Animals plus Reiki level 2 People).

Reiki energy healing for Animals. A prerequisite is that the Human Reiki course must be completed first. e.g. Level two Animal Reiki can be trained once Level 1 & 2 Human, and Level 1 Animal have been successfully completed. 

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Animal Communication Practitioner Course

Date: TBC

This course will run again in 2022

 This unique program is designed for those who want to develop their Animal Communication skills to a Professional Practitioner level; it would also benefit those who wish to develop their skills to the highest level for personal reasons.

Click below for further details:

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Introduction to

Shamanic Training

Dates availalbe:

1. Day 1 Saturday 19th March 2022

2. Day 2 aturday 2nd April 2022


Day 1 Sunday 20th March - FULL

Day 2 Sunday 3rd April - FULL

For further dates please contact Caroline

Would you like to learn more about the Shamanic path?

This introduction to Shamanic Training 2 day workshop will give you the foundations of shamanism and covers subjects such as how to prepare a sacred space to work in and shamanic journeying to meet your power animal plus much more.

This course is a per-requisite for more advanced Shamanic courses.

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Introduction to Animal Communication

Date: TBC please contact Caroline
Animal communication is the means to connect with and exchange thoughts, feelings and communication with animals. The path of the animal communicator is full of wonder and inspiration, engaging us into discovering a deeper insight to who we are and how we can be.

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The Spirit of the Animal Kingdom & Animal Spirit Healing

It is necessary that the

Introduction to Shamanic Training is completed before this can be be received.

During this workshop we will be working with and honoring the animal kingdom. Learning and experiencing a deeper level of connection with our animal friends, and experiencing the different  healing techniques that can take place during Shamanic Animal Healing.

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Protect yourself from negative energy

Date: TBC. Please contact Caroline for further detials.

Learn how others can affect your own personal energy, how our own vibration can effect the experiences we have. Learn how to create a protective and settled environment.

For further details please click below.

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Psychic Development & Mediumship 

Have you ever walked into a room and instinctively felt safe and welcomed, or the atmosphere was hostile and you felt unsafe? Or have you experienced a time when you were thinking of someone and then you were amazed that they call you on the phone or you meet them on the street? This is a glimpse of your psychic ability.

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Shamanic Soul Retrieval & Spirit Healing

It is necessary that the

Introduction to Shamanic Training is completed before this can be be  received.

During our lives we are aware of our physical world mainly through our minds perceiving and translating the information that comes into our awareness. At a deeper level we have our soul that is guiding us in our lives. Deeper still we have our eternal spirit, the spark of the Divine that connects us to the eternal and unconditional love connection.

Being in full alignment with our soul and spirit allows us to be co-craters of our lives on every level, bringing light and freedom.

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Empowered Healing & Spirituality

Empowered Healing & Spirituality

Holistic energy treatments for people & animals by Caroline Booth. Caroline also offers courses and workshops that supports your spiritual growth whilst empowering the individual and enhancing the personal healing and spiritual experience of mind, body & spirit.

Workshop Testimonial

"I have had such fun doing workshops with Caroline. Her teachings are presented with knowledge, humor and care for the participants, which doesn't stop at classes all students who have studies with her are assured of support and backing up bar none. The monthly gatherings are taken with the same consideration as all workshops.

I can truly say I have never felt such confidence studying before I have with Caroline/ I think if I had, had teachers like her when I was at school I would have had a better academic record. I would whole heatedly recommend her to my friends and anyone else interested in learning Reiki or any other form of energy work and the plethora of other workshops run by Caroline. So get in touch and book a course and change your life in the best way ever."

Ann Beirne

Newcastle-Under-Lyme, Staffordshire

Services offered

What my customers are saying

Caroline is a very beautiful soul, who has many gifts of healing, knowledge and wisdom. She is so humble In her approach. I have been so blessed in finding Caroline and received some life changing healing which has helped me so much to move on in my journey where I was feeling so stuck, stressed and overwhelmed by my issues. Thank you Caroline for your. Loving care and compassion that has meant so much In my healing process. I am so blessed to know you

Andrea Kileen (Cheshire)

Energy Healing Treatments with Caroline

Carolines healing treatments are unique and tailored to meet the individual needs of each client. Sessions are available with added well being support as required. Caroline is fully trained and with many years of expereince she uses a variety of techniques, including: Reiki; Spiritual & Angelic Energy Healing; Shamanic healing; Crystal healing; Crystal Bed Therapy; Sound Healing; Aromatherapy and Flower Essences. Mindfulness & Meditation coaching is also available as required.

1 hour session cost £40

up to 2 hour session cost £55

Crystal Bed Therapy & Bach Flower

This treatment is incredible and I have had two sessions over the last few weeks. Such deep healing.You have to experience

It to believe it 🌟🙏🏻🌈💕 Andrea Killeen

See What People Are Saying

"A glowing testimonial! Highly recommended!"

Shamanic Healing Therapy

Shamanic Healing

Shamanism is an ancient healing practice that involves working with Spirit to address the underlying spiritual and energetic causes of "dis-ease".

What should I expect from a Shamanic Healing Session?

The intention of a shamanic healing session is to assist the person coming for support to let go of old patterns, thoughts, feelings, actions, beliefs that no longer serve them.

My role is to creat balance, remove heavy energies

 and replacing with an energy represented by a beautiful and  golden light. 

The treatment will last from one to two hours. We begin with a short introductory history. What brings you here today? When did things start to change so that you decided to come for this kind of help? We look for the cirlce of repetition that show up through  your life, So that we can track and then remove 'imprints' in your  energy field that cause these life patterns to repeat. There will come a time after a couple of sessions when you will be ready to really step into your new life, and at this time the practice of Soul retrieval will be available.

This separation with a part of our core or essential self happens when we sense that great trauma or loss. At this point the connection with our most innocent and vulnerable self is diminished so that we do not feel the loss or trauma that would touch right into the core of who we are. But while we are protected at this deep level from the pain that may follow, we also feel the separation that is created, and from then on we begin to look for what we feel is lost.

 If you would like to know more, or to arrange a session for yourself, please get in contact with me.

Shamanic Services:

  • Soul Retrieval
  • Power Animal Retrieval
  • Past-Life Regression
  • Removal of unwanted energy
  • Shamanic Energy Healing

Each Session can last between 1&2 hours depending on the individual needs.

Cost £60

Animal Communication

What is Animal Communication?

Animals communicate through feelings and as an animal communicator I tune into these feelings and interprets them thus providing information to the owner on the pet’s physical and emotional well being. This is the most natural form of communication there is and as a communicator I quieten my mind so I can tune into the animals feelings. I can do this remotely over the phone with the use of a photograph or I can do a home visit.

During the consultation I spend some time initially tuning into the animal, the results are then fed back to the owner in order to establish that I have made a connection with the pet. We can then work on any specific issues you may have. If no connection is made then a full refund will be given.

How can Animal Communication Help?

• Building on your relationship with your pet

• Assisting Vets and other Animal Related Professionals identify physical and emotional problems

• Helping your pet with emotional and behavioral problems

• Helping Rescue Animals

• Communicating with animals that have passed over and relaying messages back to the owner

• Helping owners with the grief process after their pet has passed over

Want to book a Animal Communication

0The Communication

In order to communicate with your animal, all I need is a photograph (recent if possible, but not essential), their name, age and sex. Along with a list of 3 - 5 questions you would like me to focus the communication on. I don’t charge for the initial connection, which involves me contacting your animal; only when you are sure that I have the initial connection with your animal do I proceed to the next stage to get answers to the questions that you want me to focus on.

The Cost is £60 for a remote reading done over the phone.

Home visits can be arranged if preferred, please contact me for further details.

What my customers are saying

Animal communication

"A glowing testimonial! Highly recommended!"

Animal Communication with a horse called Mo

"I recently contacted Caroline in the hope she would be able to rebuild the relationship with me and my Horse and to give me a better understanding as to why my horse was displaying certain behaviors. Caroline went above and beyond to book me in and took the time to help me understand how each process was carried out and why. The process for myself was made very simple, Caroline worked around me and made me feel completely at home. After discussing what she thought would be best for my horse, Caroline carried out a remote communication session. I could not recommend her enough for how much time she spent explaining things with me, she was so detailed and it all really hit home with so much that I could relate to. I have since taken everything advised on board and have already started to see a huge behavioral change in my horse. I feel the bond between me and my horse has been rekindled and genuinely believe it was because Caroline opened this back up for me. I will contact Caroline from now on as my first port of call, with everything I have tried over such a long period of time I think it was choosing Caroline's animal communication that really changed things."

Thank you so much!

Karis Bakewell (Cheshire)

Energy Healing for Equine or Animal Treatment

Caroline is fully trained, qualified with many years expereince

About Energy Healing Treatments for your animals

Equine & Animal Healing

I can help your animal on a physical and emotional level. I use Reiki or other forms of energy work for healing and details can be found on the therapy pages.

Why your horse or animal may need healing;

To support veterinary treatment,treatments speed up the body's own healing process. To support the animals training. Physical pain or discomfort such as arthritis, joint problems, musculo skeletal conditions etc. Skin conditions, disease and illness.

Emotional Support for example supporting the nervous animal in new environments and/or change of owner, trauma mental, emotional states.

If the animal is going through grief, stress,

Horse performance, horse fitness, pregnant mares, post birth mare and foal, sick foals.

Behavioral problems supporting re training approach to behavior.

When it is time to let you animal friend go ...and for a peaceful passing at the end of the physical life.

During this work I am naturally and intuitively guided to the area that requires healing and adapt each individual treatment to suite the animals needs. I draw on Reiki & spiritual Healing, Crystals, sound shamanic medicine depending on the individual requirements.

Each treatment lasts approximately 1 hour.

Cost £45 (plus 25p per mile after the first 5 miles.)

Book and pay for 3 treatments in advance and save £10

For Equine Healing I am also able to call on the many years of equine experience I have had, to help support any equine treatment or support given. I am an equine specialist and my qualifications include the British Horse Society Instructor (BHS I) BHS Stge 5 Performance Coach in Complete Horsemanship & the society of equine consultant (SEBC) qualification.

Healing and the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966

Healing - channeling healing energy from a universal source of energy - should not be used as a substitute for veterinary care and attention.

Please note that Paragraph 18 of Part 2F of the RCVS Guide to Professional Conduct, provides information including that all animals must be seen by a veterinary surgeon, and that the vet must be content for healing to be given by the laying on of hands.

If you have any concerns about an animals' health or well being, please consult your vet. A vet may make a diagnosis, or prescribe medication that may be required.

Behavior Problems with Horses

If you have any concern whatsoever with your horse, firstly it is important to ensue your horse is not in any pain or discomfort as this can cause a change in the horses behavior including how the horse works & behaves when being ridden. Regular health checks, saddle fitting, teeth checks and the horses feet should be checked by a qualified practitioner. If you continue to work the horse who is suffering, this will lead to further aggravation of any underlying pain, disease or illness. The root of the problem needs identifying first.

Equine Behavior consultation including advise and training programmes can be arranged. For further details please see my website www.cmbequine.co.uk

Equine Reiki & Energy Healing with a horse called Emma

Emma (Horse) had been subject to veterinary investigation in November 2000 and given a clinical diagnosis, supported by x-ray, of lymphoma in her chest. In October 2002 Emma became unwell again and had further invasive veterinary investigations leading to her being on painkillers, she had a very diminished appetite with episodes of severe diarrhea and depression. She had clinically significant and very large abdominal (Ventral) and facial swellings. In early January 2003 oral painkillers were stopped and morphine injection was given and further doses where made available to be given as required. It was felt that Emma was not going to survive beyond 48 hours.

Caroline worked with Emma since December 2002, on an intensive and regular basis. Emma always responded incredibly well to Caroline and the energy healing work. She visibly relaxed and enjoyed her sessions, resting after them with an obvious lifting of her mood. Caroline helped me to keep a positive outlook by communication with me during and after the sessions. I was told that Emma wanted to live. The immense, positive impact of the Reiki & energy healing in Emma's energy levels, resilience and will to survive, meant that she did pull through. No further morphine was ever given. Reiki continued over the long rehabilitation process, which resulted in Emma hacking out very happily once again. Emma has had the enormous benefit of Reiki, as and when required.

Heather Tweedle - Owner.

What my customers are saying

Reiki & Energy Healing

"A glowing testimonial! Highly recommended!"


I have  been reading Tarot and working as a psychic consultant for many years. I also work with spirit, bringing guidance and advice from the angelic realms and loved ones.

The reading can be adapted to suite your needs and may include:

Tarot or Angel cards. Shamanic journey to retrieve guidance from the spirit world, Psychometry, Reading from a photograph.

A Reading with me can help you with all of life’s challenges that you may be facing. Whether you need guidance regarding a relationship, business, career or your spiritual development. A reading with me will offer you the support and answers that you need to move forward.

Readings last 1  hour Cost £35

Reading including spiritual guidence can last up to 2 hours Cost £50

The law requires me to add the following Disclaimer.


All Tarot Readings are for entertainment only and we cannot guarantee the accuracy of a reading or other service. You must be over 18 years of age to use our services.

House Energy Re-balancing

Home/Office Clearing & Blessing

Sometimes due to Geopathic Stress lines, Misplaced or old Stagnant Energy, your home can feel not quite right. You or your family or pets may feel unsettled or restless in your home. I have worked for several years helping people reestablish this healthy balanced energy in their homes and environment. I Use different techniques depending on the source of the unsettled energy.

For further details including consultation fee please contact Caroline

What my customers are saying

Animal Communication

"A glowing testimonial! Highly recommended!"

"Spider: Ever wondered what your horse thinks of his 'human'?

Caroline 'communicated' with my horse, Spider, after seeing his photos. He has a foot problem (possibly navicular) and I asked her to see if there was anything I could do to help heal him. Caroline phoned me and within 2 sentences I knew she had communicated with Spider - he is a horse with a huge character - really a one off and there was no doubt when she described him it was my Spider to a tee!

Knowing what your horse thinks about you is enlightening and touching and Caroline reduced me to tears in the nicest way possible. Through him she has made some suggestions that I am putting into place - time will now tell. I can't thank Caroline enough I now know Spider much better, we have a much 'closer' relationship and its nice to know that he actually does like me! As I said, I did the above in August and the good news is Spider has been sound for a few months now, he had his ordinary shoes put on last week and has been 'discharged' from the specialist farrier!

Carole (Cheshire)

To Contact Caroline

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