Empowered Healing & Spirituality

Advanced Energy Healing

This course is available for those who are established healers who are working at Reiki Level 2 or equivalent. This course helps to further develop our connection to the inner self and the spiritual healing energies we work with.

The contents of this course includes the following;

  • Through meditation connecting to your inner self, past and present to empower your connection.
  • By accessing a deeper level of consciousness through the quite mind, enhance the connection to the spiritual healing energies working with you.
  • Experience how to connect deeper to the spirit healing world, to allow a closer and more empowered connection for healing.
  • Working with hands on healing whilst in this deeper (trance like) state of awareness in an empowered connection to spirit.
  • Levels of Consciousness and how to work towards a Trance Healing state.
  • How science is catching up with energy awareness and what science has to contribute.
  • We will discuss and experience the Different forms of energy that can be used for healing.

For further details and dates please contact Caroline

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