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Animal Communication Practitioner Course

This unique program is designed for those who want to develop their Animal Communication skills to a Professional Practitioner level; it would also benefit those who wish to develop their skills to the highest level for personal reasons. People who take their animal communication skills to this level not only experience a higher level of work and connection with the animals they’re working with, but they also experience a positive shift deep within themselves. Over the 3 weekends (6 full days) you’ll learn how to communicate with animals with more confidence and have the tools in hand to handle the more complex situations. This advanced program is as much about YOU personally as it is about the animals you connect with.

Communicating remotely gives you the flexibility to work from your home at times that fit in with your daily life. Working remotely means you can help support animals and humans without the restriction of distance, the time it takes to travel and the expense. Animal communication can be used with a variety of other therapies such as energy healing. It can be used to support animal training, such as positive reinforcement training.

This course will support your personal development as an animal communicator. You will develop a toolbox of different approaches to animal communication that are required to successfully work with different animals in various situations. You will have the confidence and skills to adapt your approach to suit the individual animal and human needs.

Working as an Animal Communicator is very rewarding, helping to support the understanding between an animal and human. When your motivation in work has the intent of helping others then the finance is a secondary aspect that finds its balance to support you!

What will you get from this course?

• A personal development Technique that creates exact states of mind for animal communication and anything else you need peace of mind with!

• A structure for your consultations which is effective, safe and efficient for helping both the animals and people.

• Confidence with becoming an animal communicator, with the help from animal professionals.

• Very powerful animal healing communication tools that allows you to adapt your approach to support the individual animal and human needs.

• You will be able to help animals and people with many different situations e.g. Physical, Emotional, Bereavement, Missing Animals etc.

• Ongoing support and direction.

• An experience that is very individual and unique to yourself.

• Access via a Facebook Group to other students who are working through this programme.

• Free entrance to my “Introduction to Animal Communication Workshops” to support your ongoing practice and meet with like minded people.

How to become an Animal Communication Practitioner?

1. Attend my Introduction to Animal Communication Workshop

2. Complete as many animal communication practice case studies as you can prior to attending the first weekend of the Animal Communication Practitioner Course (guidance 10 case studies)

3. Confirm your booking & place on the EH&S Animal Communication Practitioner Course

EH&S Animal Communication Practitioner Course

Weekend One (Days 1&2)

Subjects covered include

• Code of Conduct for Professional Practice.

• The Consultation Structure - this supports your integrity and is designed to help both the animal and human during the process.

• Definition of Animal Communication - how to explain animal communication to the public.

• How Meditation & Mindfulness can support the connection.

• Access the inner animal - seeing the world through their eyes-shape shifting.

• Communication to identify any physical discomfort.

• Animal Behaviour - How to use Animal Communication to support animal behaviour.

• Practical work - to develop confidence within your animals and people.

• Incorporate Helper Animals into your communications.

• How to gain more trust (and the accompanying accuracy) in the intuitive information you receive.

• Working with your own blocks.

Between Weekend 1 and Weekend 2 you will be asked to complete 10 case studies.

In-between the first and second training weekends you will be building your confidence by practicing the consultation structure by completing case studies. You will need to complete 10 case studies before the second training weekend; these can be friends of friend’s animals, or you can use the EH&S Animal Communication Practitioner Course (ACPC) Facebook Group.

Weekend Two (Days 3&4)

Subjects covered include

• Healing with animal communication – Working with the energy system and how to support the animal’s emotions through releasing trapped emotions.

• Life changing decisions Helping animals to move on when it is time to pass over.

• Working with animals that have passed over.

• Learn to work with challenging animals (shy, fearful, etc.)

• Remote Viewing - Finding Lost Animals.

• Interpretation and Symbolism.

• Incorporate the animal’s human into the connection.

Between Weekend 2 and Weekend 3 you will be asked to complete a further 10 case studies.

Weekend Three (Days 5&6)

Subjects covered include

• Working at the animal’s soul level - shamanic principles of animal communication.

• Shamanic Journeying - Holding the space for Soul Communication & Healing.

• Working with allies to support the animal communication.

• Unwanted energy attachment release.

• Animal Communication and other therapies.

• The process Effective Communication with owners.

• Working with other professionals.

• Local off-site visit to enhance your communication skills.

• Running your own animal communication business.

• Your own business UK Veterinary Act.

• Insurance.

• Charges.

• Paperwork & Accounting.

• Marketing.

• Continual Professional Development.

• Case Studies - with other professionals & working through case studies experiences.

• Preparation for Animal Communication Professional Assessments.

If you wish to be certificated as a Professional Animal Communicator Practitioner, you will be required to complete the professional case studies assessment

How does the Professional case study assessment work?

Complete Four professional case studies over the phone using a photo of the animal. Completed with different assessors in the areas of Behaviorist, Trainer, Veterinarian and Animal Welfare. Making sure that you achieve above 90% accurate and effective in your communication. There is no time scale for these to be completed, you can therefore work at your own pace. If you are unsuccessful with one of the assessments there are no restrictions on the number of attempts you can take. There will be an additional minimal fee to be paid directly to the professional assessor for each assessment that you do. (£25 per assessment)

Caroline is available to support you if you do not pass a professional assessment; she will provide extra support and coaching as required. Every participant on this course is welcome to join any of the Introduction to Animal Communication Workshops free of charge (normally would be £80 each).


After passing the all Four Professional Assessments you will be rewarded with the “EH&S Animal Communication Practitioner Certificate”.

Dates for the Animal Communication Practitioner Course starting on 16.04.21

  1. 16.04.21
  2. 30.4.21
  3. 07.05.21
  4. 28.05.21
  5. 18.06.21
  6. TBC
Support and Growth

I will also work with you, as a fellow practitioner, throughout your own ongoing growth and development. This is not just a course!!!

Course Fees and Payments  Cost: £495

• Fees are very competitive; research shows they are cheaper than other Animal Communication courses of this type.

• A deposit of £200 secures your place on the course.

• The balance of the course fee to be paid before the first weekend. (A payment plan can be agreed.)

• Deposits and Course Fees are none refundable, unless in the unlikely event of unforeseen circumstances, the course must be postponed by Caroline.

Limited places available so please express your interest early.

What our customers are saying

" If you are really wanting to learn to communicate with your pets and other animals, I can highly recommend the Animal Communication Practitioner Course held by Caroline Booth of Empowered Healing. The course has enriched my life and helped me develop these skills. The course gives you so much more belief and confidence. It has changed the way I see things and has changed my life for ever. I have never been so happy on a course".
Ann Beirne (Newcastle