Empowered Healing & Spirituality

Aura Workshop & Photography/Readings

Everything that has a degree of aliveness has an aura. This is an energy field that surrounds the body. There are several layers to the Auric Field representing the Physical, mental & emotional and the spiritual levels.  The Aura is like a blue print of our life, it reflects our health on all levels, our emotions and our spirituality and our everyday life. There are many colors to the aura, which you will learn to see with the physical eye.  Each color signifies a vibration/frequency and all represent different things and have different meanings. The aura is  connected with the activity of the chakras within the body. Every thought we have creates an emotion and an energy vibration which in turn creates an energy frequency/vibration and therefore color. Understanding these vibrations and colors can give you an insight into your own energy awareness and that of others.

During this workshop you will learn how to physically see the aura with the naked eye and with the use of our aura photographic equipment you will be able to see how the aura moves around the human body and how other energies can interact.

Learning how to interpret the colors of the aura can help you gain a deeper insight into our individual emotional, physical, mental and spiritual state.

With our Aura Imaging equipment, and through the use of this remarkable technology, we will provide you with a photographic reading based on the color images of your aura £55 inclusive of aura photograph.

light refreshments provided but please bring a packed lunch

Cost of the 1 Day workshop is £55 and a deposit of £30 will secure your place on the workshop

This workshop or Aura photography and readings can be offered at your own home. Please contact Caroline for further information