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Training BBC Countryfile Exmoor Foals

It was an honor to work with Adam Henson presenter of the BBC Countryfile and his Exmoor foals.

During the training I worked with using a variety of techniques with the main technique being the Heart Mind technique which ensured at all times the foals felt safe and trusted us with everything we asked them to do.

The training techniques used included:

  • The Heart Mind technique
  • Positive reinforcement training techniques
  • Using the foals natural instincts and inquisitiveness to support the training process
  • Animal Communication
  • Energy Healing

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Second day of handling with Jacob

BBC Countryfile & Adam Henson Exmoor Foals

The second day of handling with Caroline using the Heart Mind technique along with the approach and retreat method ensuring at all times the foal is allowing the contact to made.

During an animal communication session with Jacob I discovered that he had problems with his vision and this was later confirmed by the vet. This is the reason Jacob needed so much reassurance during his training, this  can be seen during this training session where he needed to gently touch my face for reassurance that everything was OK. It is vitally important that our training approach is adapted to suit each individuals needs as shown here.

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Jacob getting use to different objects

BBC Countryfile Foals. Jacob being introduced to variety of objects within the indoor arena.

Due to the vision problems Jacob has, and at this stage of his training, he preferred me to be in front of him where he could see me clearly. Another example of adapting training to suit the animals needs.

Countryfile Adam Henson foals in training

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The foals having fun with a stick

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The Foals inquisitiveness is nurtured and used to help with desensitization and develop the foals confidence