Crystal Healing

  Crystal healing is a  holistic therapy which has been practiced since the earliest of times. With applications ranging form crude tools and weaponry to instruments of healing and prophesy, talisman and amulets, jewellery and components of sophisticated technological equipment through the ages, crystals have been employed, venerated and treasured. Crystals are used in industry to cut, ignite, transmit, absorb and regulate energy. The utter reliability of crystal vibrations have led to the growth of synthetic crystals in laboratories. Silicon chips are vital as regulators and timing devices in watches, radios and television sets, radars, computer systems and transportation.

The internal structure of a crystal is geometrically perfect. Their atomic structure resonates perfection and can provide a blueprint for our own physical perfection, introducing order into a (commonly) disordered state.

Crystals are able to adsorb, store, direct, focus, amplify and transmute energy and can be used in many ways to channel divine, universal and healing energy.

Colored crystals vibrate at individual and different rates and these can be used as tools to cleanse, align, energies and balance the energy in corresponding colored chakras. Chakras are energy centres which regulate particular organs and systems within our physical bodies.

The physical manifestations of ill health, the observable symptoms, are often the result of disturbance in our subtle energies, in the emotional, mental or spiritual dimension. While these symptoms may be suppressed, or appear resolved by conventional medicine, they will often recur in the same place or somewhere else until the underlying cause is dealt with.

During crystal healing, crystals are placed or held on or near the patient. A healing may involve treating physical, emotional, mental and spiritual imbalances, releasing stagnant or blocked energy from the chakras and aura, clearing negativity and re-balancing. Often there are holes or areas of damaged issues which benefit from healing. Generally a session is very beneficial for stress reduction, relaxing, refreshing and restorative and promotes feelings of deep peace and well being while boosting the patients’ innate healing abilities.

Crystal healing is appropriate for all species – including plants! It may help relieve most diseases and transform destructive patterns and behavioral problems over time.

Crystal healing is available by appointment with Caroline

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