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Introduction to Animal Communication

Introduction to Animal Communication 1 day Course

Time: - 10 am to 4.30 pm Future dates please contact Caroline for further information.

Who is this workshop for?

  • Pet Owners – Understand your pets with more detail, to help problems or simply make like better.
  • Dog Trainers – Create a listening environment with clear communication to increase learning speed and retention.
  • Horse Trainers – Understand your horse more, how are they feeling physically and emotionally?
  • Animal Therapists –Enhance your connection to help animals in therapy.
  • Animal Rescue – Help rehabilitate as you can find what happened in their past.
  • Vets and staff – Discover in detail the feelings of pain and the emotional states.

What is Animal communication?

Animal communication is something most animal owners do each day, we instinctively know when our animals are happy, sad or unwell. Dogs often know that we are on our way home before we even arrive and there they are sitting at the door ready to greet us. British scientist Rupert Sheldrake has even written a book on this very subject!

The animal kingdom's language is a universal language of feeling with every thought creating a feeling. Over 90% of the meaning of our communication is in non-verbal communication. Body language, tone of voice is all created by the feelings that we have. Being more connected to this feeling language is what we can call intuition. Entering this space brings us back to our true nature. This is a place where we are more peaceful as it requires us to have quieter minds so that we can move our feeling attention outside of our own thinking and connect with animals. During this workshop, you will learn techniques that will enable you to understand animals on a much deeper level.

Animal communication is the means to connect with and exchange thoughts, feelings and communication with the animals. The path of the animal communicator is full of wonder and inspiration, engaging us into discovering a deeper insight to who we are and how we can be.

What you will get from this workshop;

  1. Understanding what animal communication is and the process of communicating with an animal.
  2. You will learn how to create a quite, peaceful and compassionate state of mind needed to connect on the frequency level animals communicate. These mindfulness & visionary exercises take you away from your everyday busy thinking and into a place of being in the moment.
  3. You will  share your communications with other workshop attendees animals using a photo. They will then give you feedback on your findings. When you have experienced that the connection you have made gives you information that only the owner and the animal could have possibly known you start to understand the many benefits of animal communication.

Some benefits of Animal Communication include:

Animal Communication to support healing - For those of you who are working with animals on a healing level, animal communication is an invaluable tool. Working with Reiki or spiritual healing for animals you will know the importance of healing the true cause of the physical or emotional pain. Animal communication can work effectively in helping to find the true cause by understanding what has happened in their past or present environment. It also dramatically enhances the strength of your animal healing session by being able to explain clearly to the animal what the process is, allowing them to be more open and trusting with you.

Animal Communication to support animal training - Understanding our animals is the key to making positive changes. During Animal Communication, you start to understand their behaviours and physical situations from a different perspective. Working with the animal in a space where you can teach them and lead them in confidence and trust. The idea of being able to teach animals as opposed to tell animals how to be, has a huge impact on the positive relationship and results that can be achieved.

Horses and Animal Communication helps building trust and this will create a space where the horse will listen to us so that we can give him or her the confidence at the right times.

Please confirm you interest in this workshop by contacting Caroline and paying a deposit of £30 to secure your place on the course.

I am Passionate about raising awareness about the relationships between our animal friends and their human companions and the depth of love our animals have for us and how much they are misunderstood when trying to convey their messages of help.

Cost of the Introduction to  Animal Communication course is £80.


Saturday 2nd June 2018 (Madeley, Cheshire)

Advanced Animal Communication - Practitioner Course - Pr-request is the Introduction to Animal Communication and full completion of case studies.

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