Empowered Healing & Spirituality

Shamanic Training

Introduction to Shamanic Training (2 day workshop)

Next Date:

1. Day 1 Saturday 19th March 2022

2. Day 2 aturday 2nd April 2022


Day 1 Sunday 20th March - FULL

Day 2 Sunday 3rd April - FULL

This course is place to start to discover the shamanic path, and is a prerequisite for the other Shamanic workshops offered. the weekend is split between some teaching, practical exercises both indoor and in nature, shamanic journeying and ceremony as a part of making your own medicine bundle.

During the workshop we will be covering the following:

  • What is a shaman
  • Developing connection
  • How to prepare a sacred & protected space
  • The power of herbs for cleansing (e.g. Sage)
  • How to connect to the powers of the medicine wheel
  • The medicine wheel and where you sit withing the wheel
  • Teachings of the Mesa over the weekend you will be making your own personal Mesa (medicine bundle).
  • Drumming
  • The shamans medicine tools
  • Story telling & Meditation
  • Our relationship with Mother Earth and ourselves
  • The earth energies and how we can connect with them and use them in our healing work
  • The connection between ourselves and our Animal allies/Power animals, what the connection means and how we can use this connection to empower our journey on earth
  • Herbs and their place in shamanic medicine
  • Journeying to the different realms of consciousness awareness to meet our power animals and teachers

Cost £120 with £50 deposit to secure your place on this workshop.