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What our customers are saying

This course has enabled me to work towards a more positive life, to learn how to settle my chaotic mind and become more peaceful and at ease with myself. It has provided me with the tools to improve my life, to become more focused and to let go of the unnecessary noise in my mind. It has been life changing!


Mindfulness Based Living Course for People and Animals (optional)

The next Mindfulness Based Living Course Is run over 22 hours  A free follow up session is available along with monthly Mindfulness Meditation Gathering where the group can meet with like-minded people and continue the support in your mindfulness and mediation practice. This  “Mindfulness Based Living Course"  is suitable for complete beginners and for those who already follow some Mindfulness based living. Participants will be taught progressive skills in Mindfulness through presentations, guided practice and smaller group sessions.

Here is what just some of the people who attended the last Mindfulness Mediation course said about the course.

“This course has been Life Changing! It has enabled me to work towards a more positive life, to learn how to settle my chaotic mind and become more peaceful and at ease with myself. It has provided me with the tools to improve my life, become more focused and to let go of the unnecessary noise in my mind. It has truly been Life Changing”

“A beautiful supportive course where one feels safe to explore feelings and emotions and show one how to use daily meditation to bring about a sense of well-being”

“A Course for exploring a new way of living. It has been excellent, relaxed and supportive, easy to understand as everything has been explained so well. It has been well paced with practice tools to assist you on your journey. The atmosphere, the pacing of the course, the compassion has been excellent. Truly life changing!”

About the Course

Dates: Starting 21st April 2018

• The All-Inclusive Cost includes: - 22 hrs of training plus a FREE follow up session, all Manuals and Audio Guided Practices for £150. A £50 deposit secures your place with the balance of £100 paid at the first session. Payment plans can be arranged. FREE Mindfulness follow up session DTBC

• Optional Module in Mindfulness - Mindfulness with Animals – Dates and cost available

If you are interested in the course or know anyone who maybe I would be very grateful if you can pass on this information or contact me for if you wish to discuss any of the above.

Tel: 07759 225 654 or Email [email protected]

What is Mindfulness Meditation?

• Mindfulness is a life skill that can deepen our sense of well-being and fulfillment

• It involves paying attention to what is occurring in our present moment experience

• With an attitude of Openness, Curiosity and Non-judgemental acceptance

• Mindfulness is a state of being accessible to everyone

• It engages all our senses as we open to our entire experience

• We become aware of our body, emotions, thoughts and the external environment

• It is about “coming back to our senses” being in touch with ourselves, with others and our surroundings in the present moment

• It is a natural and an intuitive state of presence in which we can feel more connected, real and alive

Recognizing the unsettled mind

 Examples of the busy mind:

Driving, Eating, being on automatic pilot Have you ever started eating a snack bar, taken a couple of bites, then noticed all you had left? was an empty packet in your hand?

Or been driving somewhere and arrived at your destination only to realize you remember nothing about your journey?

Unable to sleep at night because our thoughts are repetitive and keep going around and around?

As humans, we are often "not present" in our own lives. We often fail to notice the good things about our lives, fail to hear what our bodies are telling us, or poison ourselves with toxic self-criticism.

Human minds are easily distracted, habitually examining past events and trying to anticipate the future.

Becoming more aware of our thoughts, feelings and sensations may not sound like an obviously helpful thing to do; however, learning to do this in a way that suspends judgement and self-criticism can have an incredibly positive impact on our lives.

Some of the Benefits of Mindfulness

• Increase experience of calm and relaxation

• Higher levels of energy & enthusiasm for living

• Increase self-confidence and self-acceptance

• Less danger of experiencing stress. Depression, Anxiety. Chronic pain, addiction or low immune efficiency

• More self-compassion and compassion for others and our environment

• Physiological effects

• Other benefits

• Mindfulness is being recognized in many organizations to help support the wellbeing of people

Physiological effects-

• Decrease heart rate

• Decrease respiration rate

• Decrease blood pressure

• Increased synchronization between heart and respiration rate

• Neurological effects increasing alpha and theta brain wave activity

Benefits also include:

• Developing compassion for self and others

• Developing your intuition and instincts

• How we can develop trust, understanding and a meaningful connection, though mindfulness in animal training and animal relationships

• How Mindfulness can empower our spiritual awareness & development deepen your wellness or holistic practice

• Reiki Usui tradition has a foundation in mindfulness

• Empower and deepen our animal communication connections As we develop our mindfulness practice

• Sense of coming back home to ourselves in a more meaningful way

• Sense of brightness, clarity, of purpose, playfulness, creativity and inner peace

• Develop a more optimistic view; enabling you to work with, rather than avoid, life's challenges

• It is about being more present in our lives, remaining curious, embracing all experiences and CHANGING THE RELATIONSHIP WE HAVE TOWARDS SUFFERING

• We become aware of another level of consciousness – we are more than our minds, thoughts, emotions etc.

About Caroline Booth

About Caroline - As a qualified mindfulness teacher, I meet the "UK Good Practice Guidelines for Mindfulness Teachers". I am a qualified Further and Higher Education Lecturer and Holistic Teacher / Practitioner (both for humans and animals).

Caroline is a qualified teacher/lecturer for both further and higher education. Her qualifications include: FHEA (Fellow of Higher Education) & CERT ED (Certificate in Education). She has taught and lectured in both further and higher education in many related topics for over 25 years.

She is a highly qualified Holistic Therapist having trained and built her skills over 30 years. Caroline has trained and qualified in the following: HHITT, ITEC, Reiki Master Healer/Teacher, Angelic Reiki, Spiritual Healer, Crystal Healing, Animal Communication, Mindfulness, Shamanic Practitioner, Massage, Aromatherapy, Flower Essences, Bowen, Kinesiology, and several other holistic therapies for both human and equine. She has also trained in Psychic Development and Mediumship at the Arthur Findley College.

Caroline is a qualified Mindfulness Teacher and Coach. She offers a full range of workshops and courses which support, enhance and encourage individuals to balance their lives and reduce stress. She can support you with your individual spiritual awareness and help you become self-empowered.

Caroline is also a highly-qualified Equestrian. She holds one of the highest British Horse Society Instructor / Coach qualifications, BHSI. She is also a fully qualified Equine Consultant and Behaviorist, being a member of the Society of Equine Behavior Consultants (SEBC)

A FREE 2-Hour Taster Session in M​indfulness Training

(Being Present in the Moment & Finding Freedom from Mental Distraction)

You are invited to come and join a free 2-hour taster session (without further obligation), where you will experience what mindfulness is and how you can practice it. You will also have the opportunity to find out about the "Mindfulness Based Living Course" that Caroline will be running over 4 x 4hrs and 1 x 6 hrs session. Please contact Caroline (details below) to reserve your free place on the free 2-hour taster session.

Please contact Caroline Booth Phone: 07759 225654 or Email: [email protected]

What our customers are saying

A beautiful supportive course where you feel safe to explore feelings and emotions. You are guided on how to use daily mindfulness meditation to bring about a sense of well being. I have loved the practices on this very interactive course. Thank you so much.
Jean Toyn (Cheshire)