Monthly Gatherings

Development Groups take place on a monthly basis. They are a wonderful opportunity for all who have trained with us and anyone who would like to know more about the teachings we offer, to meet up and have a taster or refresher for continuity of the Energy Work we have covered in our courses. Thedevelopment groups provide the opportunity to meet up with old friends, and make new ones, whilst enjoying working with the energy in many ways, such as healing, shamanic work and many other types of energy development work.

Developmant Group Locatoins:

These development  are held in the wonderful countryside in the very centre of Cheshire at DARNHALL VILLAGE HALL (unless otherwise stated) Hall Lane. Darnhall. Winsford. CW7 4DG  They take place on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon from 1.00pm  to 4.00pm.


Madeley Near Crewe. These development gropus are held once a month on a Friday starting at 10.30am - 1.00pm.

Each development group will have a different theme but we always start each with a guided meditation. (see below for January - March dates and topics)

Group meditations can be very powerful experiences as the combined power and spiritual energy of those gathered supports each individual. This will, without doubt, greatly increase your 'connection' which then leads perfectly into the rest of the sessions energy work. You will come to realize that being a part of the group with other like minded people will raise and activate your energy levels and connection to a marked degree. As you experience the wonderful power that a deeper connection within yourself can bring during the higher states of awareness of meditation, the more inner power you can measure, and therefore, with everyone doing likewise, then the power shared by the group can be an amazing experience.

You'll also find the development groups a great place to meet like-minded people, able and open to some interesting and wonderful conversations.

Next meeting dates are listed below. All those who are interested, but would like further information before attending a development groups, please contact Caroline for further details.

The fee for each session is  just  ¬£15

Future Gathering dates  in 2019 are:- (Please note some topics may be subject to change)

Light refreshments are available, tea/coffee and biscuits

1. Darnhall - 20.01.19 & Madeley 18.01.19 Learning to control your personal energy & How to Connect to your power animal to enhance your understanding and connection to power.

 We will start with a meditation to help connect to the higher spiritual energy frequencies of the heart and into the sacred space. You will be working with techniques that will guide you to open and close to the sensitivity of energy. How to open up to the spirit realm and the deeper connection with your power animal/animal totem whilst establishing an understanding of the power they bring into your life. A mixture of energy awareness exercises including dowsing and kinesiology to gently develop your confidence leading into discovering and developing a deeper connection with your power animals/guides. Once established, you will experience how you can use this connection to support your spiritual development.

2. Darnhall -  17.02.19 & Madeley - 15.02.19 Understanding of theAuric field & Energy Systems &

Connecting to your spirit guide to establish an understanding of the qualities they bring to your life. We will start with a meditation connecting to the higher energy frequencies of the heart and into the sacred space of awareness. Working with your energy system to explore the different levels of the energy, self-discovering your own and others energies. Supportive exercises will enhance your awareness & understanding of the energy systems in seeing and sensing the auric field.

Meeting of your spiritual guide, discovering who they are and what qualitied they bring to share with you. Once established you can explore how you can be supported by your spirit guide to enhance your mediumship.

Exercises will be varied and will be suitable more the more and less experienced individual. Everyone is welcome.

3. Darnhall -  17.03.19 & Madeley - 15.03.18 Auric colours & Energy Healing

We will start with a meditation connecting to the higher energy frequencies of the chakra system including the heart and into the sacred space of awareness.

Following on from the skills learnt over the last couple of development group sessions you will be discovering the meaning of the Auric energy field colours. Practical exercises will also include identifying the shape and feel of this energy.

Working with the universal connection you will channel for healing. For the more experienced healer exercises will include working with your guides & you will share and experience some of the different frequencies/colours & vibrations available for energy healing.

The colour, light & Vogel crystal bed will also be available for you to experience.

Other dates and contents coming soon