Empowered Healing & Spirituality

Psychic Development

Psychic development links well with animal healing, animal communication and shamanic healing.

It is a natural ability that can be developed by anyone, and you are already using some of that ability unknowingly. Have you ever walked into a room and instinctively felt safe and welcomed, or the atmosphere was hostile and you felt unsafe. Or have you experienced a time when you were thinking of someone and then to your amazement they call you on the phone or you bump into them on the street. This is a glimpse of your psychic ability.

When we work with our psyche we work in a variety of ways:

Clairsensience - This is similar to intuition. It is like a knowing for example, you know when someone is feeling happy or sad.

Clairvoyance - This is known as second sight - an ability to see into the future, present or past by using the third eye (the brow chakra), you will see images in your mind like a video screen (a vision).

Clairaudience - This is the ability to hear words or sounds that are not part of our physical surroundings. It may be channeled wisdom from guides or angels, that is transmitted within the mind.

We use our psyche to tune into the energy systems of an individual. There are 7 main energies centred within the human/animal body known as chakras. Energy travels in and out of the body through these centres. This is known as life force. The energy then travels through the meridian lines of the body which feed each of the organs of the body. Externally the body is surrounded by the energy field or aura. With practice you can learn to see the aura and identify the colors held within it. Each auric color represents a piece of information that identifies the health and well-being of that person on physical, emotional and spiritual levels. It also contains information of past, present and future experiences.

Developing your Psychic Ability allows you to develop the skill of identifying these things and much more.

The cost of this 1 day workshop is £60 and a deposit of £40 will secure your place on the workshop.

Book for both the Psychic Development and Psychic Protection workshop and save £20

Psychic Development and Psychic Protection 2 day workshop - Cost £110 (saving of £20)