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Animal & Equine Healing

Reiki Level 1 in Animal Healing - Pr-Requisite for this workshop is Reiki Level 1 for people

Whilst on this energy healing journey you may choose to use these energy healing techniques on healing and supporting animals. You may choose to work only with small animals and pets or you may also choose to work with larger animals including horses. In this training I offer an pathway that can support you to achieve your aims as an animal healer both with small animals/pets and if you choose with larger animals also.

Riki Level 1 Animal Healing Pr-Requisite for this workshop is Reiki Level 1 for people.

 The Reiki level 1 Animal & Equine Healing includes the following;

  • Benefits of animal energy healing
  • why animals need healing
  • The use of animal healing in animal behavior
  • The animals mind
  • Responsibilities of an animal healer
  • Animals energy systems
  • Attunement
  • The process of healing horses and/or pets
  • Hands on practical experience healing animals
  • The animals response to energy healing
  • Manual and Case Studies
  • How to see the aura/energy field
  • introduction to energy dowsing

On completion of Animal Reiki Level 1 you will be equipped to using Reiki healing on your own pets and animal.

Reiki Level 2 in Animal Healing (Practitioner Level) - Pr-Requisite for this workshop is Reiki Level 1 for people and animals plus Reiki level 2 for people.

The Reiki level 2 Animal Workshop includes the following;
  • Connecting with different Reiki energy frequencies
  • Further develop your confidence in the Reiki healing process
  • Healing on the Mental and Emotional Levels
  • Remote or Distant Healing
  • Reiki supporting animal behavior
  • Advanced Animal Healing Techniques
  • Dowsing for health ,for another including animals
  • Requirements of working professionally as a healer
  • Effective communication with owners and other professionals
  • Reiki with other therapies
  • Legal requirements and insurance
  • Manuals
  • Case studies and underpinning knowledge required to work with horses

On completion of Animal Reiki Level 2 workshop including all the case studies, you may wish to progress onto Reiki Level 3 (Reiki Advanced Practitioner Level). For further details about Level 3 and Master level please contact Caroline

For those of you who wish to work with horses I offer a range of Equine lectures and courses. Including for the British Horse Society Essential Horse Knowledge Certificate both at Entry Level and the Level one. On successful completion of both these courses certification is awarded through the British Horse Society. For further details please contact Caroline and see my Equine website www.cmbequine.co.uk

Healing and the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966

Healing - channeling healing energy from a universal source of energy - should not be used as a substitute for veterinary care and attention.

Please note that Paragraph 18 of Part 2F of the RCVS Guide to Professional Conduct, provides information including that all animals must be seen by a veterinary surgeon, and that the vet must be content for healing to be given by the laying on of hands.

If you have any concerns about an animals' health or well being, please consult your vet. A vet may make a diagnosis, or prescribe medication that may be required.

A few pictures taken during one of the Equine Healing Sessions

What our customers are saying

Emma - Reiki Healing Case Study (2000)

Emma (Horse) had been subject to veterinary investigation in November 2000 and given a clinical diagnosis, supported by x-ray, of lymphoma in her chest. In October 2002 Emma became unwell again and had further invasive veterinary investigations leading to her being on painkillers, she had a very diminished appetite with episodes of severe diarrhea and depression. She had clinically significant and very large abdominal (Ventral) and facial swellings. In early January 2003 oral painkillers were stopped and morphine injection was given and further doses where made available to be given as required. It was felt that Emma was not going to survive beyond 48 hours.

Caroline worked with Emma since December 2002, on an intensive and regular basis. Emma always responded incredibly well to Caroline and the energy healing work. She visibly relaxed and enjoyed her sessions, resting after them with an obvious lifting of her mood. Caroline helped me to keep a positive outlook by communication with me during and after the sessions. I was told that Emma wanted to live. The immense, positive impact of the Reiki & energy healing in Emma's energy levels, resilience and will to survive meant that she did pull through. No further morphine was ever given. Reiki continued over the long rehabilitation process, which resulted in Emma hacking out very happily once again. Emma has had the enormous benefit of Reiki, as and when required.

Heather Tweedle - Owner.‚Äč