Empowered Healing & Spirituality

Soul Retrieval and Spirit Healing

Shamanic Soul retrieval - Mending the Past and Healing the Future

Prerequisite - Introduction to Shamanic Training

During our lives we are aware of our physical world mainly through our minds perceiving and translating the information that comes into our awareness. At a deeper level we have our soul that is guiding us in our lives. Deeper still we have our eternal spirit. the spark of the Divine that connects us to the eternal and unconditional love connection.

Being in full alignment with our soul and spirit allows us to be co-craters of our lives on every level, bringing light  and freedom.

An aspect of our soul can freely leave the physical body at will.  Sometimes traumatic experiences, such as in sustained suffering or a sudden trauma, loss of a loved one, can make us feel we have lost a part of ourselves. A shaman sees this as 'losing' a part of our soul due to such events. Soul loss can can occur for some people due to other negative actions, such as an abusive partner, a dominant figure who can weaken our spirit, there can be a feeling of being weakened and drained.

The following can of course be due to to other causes and it is advised that you always seek medical advise first.

The shaman would see these conditions as possible signs of soul loss.

  • A feeling of not being complete, or there seams to be a lack of control in your life, repeated patterns.
  • Feeling depleted or drained of energy. Feeling down and depressed.
  • A hard to explain lack or loss of an important part of you is missing.

Experiencing the regathering, or soul retrieval, can bring a more positive attitude to your life. it can help you feel more confident in making decisions and choices for example, allowing you the freedom of being in control of your own life.

In this one day workshop you will learn how to:-

  • How to prepare yourself for soul retrieval.
  • The 7 main Chakras and 2 additional Chakras and their part in soul retrieval.
  • The reason for soul loss, symptoms and benefits of the return to light
  • Journeying to discover the soul fragments that have been miss-placed and, if appropriate, to be reclaimed
  • The required healing action and the return of the missing light to your soul.

The workshop experience will be personal to you for your own inner development and spiritual growth. 

Cost: £70

Deposit to secure you place on the workshop: £40

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