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Caroline is a very beautiful soul, who has many gifts of healing, knowledge and wisdom. She is so humble In her approach. I have been so blessed in finding Caroline and received some life changing healing which has helped me so much to move on in my journey where I was feeling so stuck, stressed and overwhelmed by my issues. Thank you Caroline for your. Loving care and compassion that has meant so much In my healing process. I am so blessed to know you.

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"A glowing testimonial! Highly recommended!"

By Andrea Kileen - Cheshire 2017

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I can wholeheartedly recommend Caroline. Wonderful healing energy, teacher and friend. Lucky people who get to enjoy her care xx
Liz Laurent - Surrey 2017

Some Reiki & Energy Healing & Animal Communication Testimonies

Testimonies Reiki & energy healing

Emma - Reiki Healing  - 2000

Emma (Horse) had been subject to veterinary investigation in November 2000 and given a clinical diagnosis, supported by x-ray, of lymphoma in her chest. In October 2002 Emma became unwell again and had further invasive veterinary investigations leading to her being on painkillers, she had a very diminished appetite with episodes of severe diarrhea and depression. She had clinically significant and very large abdominal (Ventral) and facial swellings. In early January 2003 oral painkillers were stopped and morphine injection was given and further doses where made available to be given as required. It was felt that Emma was not going to survive beyond 48 hours.

Caroline worked with Emma since December 2002, on an intensive and regular basis. Emma always responded incredibly well to Caroline and the energy healing work. She visibly relaxed and enjoyed her sessions, resting after them with an obvious lifting of her mood. Caroline helped me to keep a positive outlook by communication with me during and after the sessions. I was told that Emma wanted to live. The immense, positive impact of the Reiki & energy healing in Emma's energy levels, resilience and will to survive meant that she did pull through. No further morphine was ever given. Reiki continued over the long rehabilitation process, which resulted in Emma hacking out very happily once again. Emma has had the enormous benefit of Reiki, as and when required.

Heather Tweedle - Owner.

Animal Communication 2017

Mo the horse

"I recently contacted Caroline in the hope she would be able to rebuild the relationship with me and my Horse and to give me a better understanding as to why my horse was displaying certain behaviours. Caroline went above and beyond to book me in for an Animal Communication and took the time to help me understand how each process was carried out and why. The process for myself was made very simple, Caroline worked around me and made me feel completely at home. After discussing what she thought would be best for my horse, Caroline carried out a remote communication session. I could not recommend her enough for how much time she spent explaining things with me, she was so detailed and it all really hit home with so much that I could relate to. I have since taken everything advised on board and have already started to see a huge behavioural change in my horse. I feel the bond between me and my horse has been rekindled and genuinely believe it was because Caroline opened this back up for me. I will contact Caroline from now on as my first port of call, with everything I have tried over such a long period of time I think it was choosing Caroline's animal communication that really changed things."

Thank you so much!

Karis Bakewell  Cheshire

Josh (Carnwallon Prince)

Welsh Section D Gelding

We had a number of issues with Josh when we first contacted Caroline for some help and advice. From time to time we had trouble catching Josh in his stable and also in the field, he would turn his back end to you and if you where not quick enough whilst putting on his head collar he would take off, not to be caught again that day. Whilst being ridden the tension was so obvious and he was not happy doing lateral work. We went through all the usual checks, his back his teeth all OK. This is when we contacted Caroline regarding Reiki Healing, we had heard good reports of her success with other horses with problems and we had tried everything else. The first time Caroline came to see him, she started with the healing which Josh seemed to settle to quite quickly. We stood back out side the stable and watched quietly amazed at how relaxed and settled he became. We carried on with the healing sessions over a few months and in that time Caroline started standing in the stable and letting Josh come to her and in no time at all he was actually putting his head into his head collar as Caroline stood quietly and just slipped it over his head. This carried on with Caroline getting us to do the same he was letting us catch him in the stable with out threatening us with his back end. Caroline carried on with the healing and started to do some join up work with Josh out in the ménage. At first working with a long lead rope getting him used to it being draped over him and round his legs swung over his head and he just accepted it and behaved himself the whole time. This over time lead to Caroline being able to join up with Josh and work in the ménage with no head collar at all, once Josh had joined up with Caroline he would follow her around of his own free will. If Caroline stopped he stopped if she walked on he walked on, it is amazing to see the link up between horse and human. The healing carried on linking in to the join up sessions, Josh was becoming so much more relaxed in his work even though the lateral work was still a bit hit and miss.

Caroline had been working with Josh about 5 months when I was grooming him one day, brushing off his belly when I spotted a large lump where a testicle would have been if he had not been gelded at 2 years old. It was hard to touch and I was convinced he had not been gelded correctly. The vet came out and was of the same opinion as us because of his stallion like tendencies, it was decided he should go in for a scan to determine just what it was. I took him into Leahurst for the scan and was seen by Professor Edwards, after having a look at it he decided there was no point scanning because what ever it was it had to come out. So Josh stayed in at Leahurst to be operated on the next day, after what seemed like for ever Josh came out of theater and was soon back on his feet groggy but all ok. It turns out it was a suture that had been left in from when he was gelded at two and all the antibodies had attacked it and the lump just kept growing Josh was now eleven years old. The lump had been inside the testicle tube and we strongly believe that it is thanks to Caroline’s healing that the lump showed it self, the vets said it could have just kept growing undetected for how long we do not know and shudder to think what would have happened if we had not contacted Caroline to start the Reiki Healing sessions. His lateral work is now 100%, he must have been so uncomfortable no wonder his lateral work was such a problem.

Thank you Caroline for all the work you have done with Josh

Christine Green

Owner of the now much happier and healthier Josh

(Coledllai Midnight Monarch) Welsh Section D - 2010

Animal Communication, Reiki Healing, Natural Horsemanship and Ice Rubbing (Hydrotherapy)

Caroline had worked with our other Section D cob Josh for around nine months, with great results. She has used animal communication, energy healing and natural horsemanship. Moko unlike Josh is very highly strung and a bit of a (dare I say it a wimp). Bless him he is a lovable character that needs a lot of reassurance, he will hide behind you if he is unsure or something is in a different place than normal.

We do quite a lot of ridden showing with Moko and he copes with all the noises that go with County shows etc. The main problem for Moko and why we thought we try the Reiki Healing with him is that he will not go out of the gate at home or down the lane on his own, not much better in company and it's nothing to do with the traffic. He gets so wound up he rears and spins and just dose not want to leave the yard and gets himself really upset and sweaty. Caroline started the healing with him and after a few sessions he accepted the healing and began to relax. Once he was quite happy with the healing Caroline asked if next time they came to see Moko could they try something out. The next time Caroline came to see Moko, Caroline started with the healing session which also included working with a large block of ice. Caroline had been working with Josh over nine months and Moko 1 month. We Caroline completely. Once Moko was accepting the healing and he was very relaxed, Caroline started to move the block of ice gently up and down Moko's spine and up his neck towards the poll area. Caroline carried on very slowly and patiently working the ice up and down Moko's spine, neck and poll until there was only less than half of the bloke of ice left. Caroline then put Moko's Bridle on and headed towards the gate, leading him very quietly out of the gate with not a problem. She would walk a few paces with him then stop and pat him talking to him all the time. Each time she felt him hesitate she would ask for one more step forward then stop and pat him; this went on to the end of our short lane. When she came back into the yard I tried it, the same thing walking a few paces stopping talking to him all the time, we then came back to tack up and try to ride out of the gate. When I had mounted talking to him giving him reassuring pat, with Caroline by my side we headed towards and out of the gate I was holding my breath waiting for the normal battle to start, not a thing we stopped then walked on with no problem. Back into the yard and this time I was on my own, if he felt as if he was hesitating I would ask for another step forward then let him stop pat him and ask him to walk on. We did this a couple of times and in the end he was relaxed and walks out the yard on his own. My brother was there at the time and he has seen what Moko can be like leaving the yard and he could not believe the difference in him, my brother is not one for things like healing and such as he calls it, but even he said afterwards “there must be something to this healing the difference is amazing” We are carrying on the work with Moko and he has since been down the lane on his own a couple of times and we are working towards being able to hack out with out fearing for my safety.

Once again I owe my thanks and gratitude to Caroline for the work they have done with Moko.

Christine Green


Energy Communication

Ph.D. in High Energy Physics

My background is that I obtained a Ph.D. in High Energy Physics from the Victoria University of Manchester in 1989. This involved me working at CERN for nearly 18 months. Since 1991 I have been studying and practicing alternative therapies including nutritional therapy, iridology, and body electronics. I am currently considered to be one of the world’s leading practitioners in body electronics and am setting up a formal training course in the UK. These disciplines give me a good understanding of the value of internal body therapies including herbal medicine, nutrition and so on, together with hands-on physical-energetic therapies. I am currently in private practice outside Manchester. Over the years I have been exposed to many different therapies, some of which are seemingly very effective and some quite ineffective or palliative, which gives one an overview or framework to view the things which are possible.

I have known Caroline Booth for a year now and she has asked me to comment on the Equine Energy Therapies and Equine Physical Therapies components of the degree course Equine Science,

Complementary Therapy and Natural Horsemanship.

I have personally seen some of the results that Caroline has had with using energy therapies on horses. Most amazing has been her ability to communicate to animals internally through what might be called “feeling-pictures”. Although telepathy may still be taboo science in this country, energy exchange on such levels is well understood, accepted and actively researched in Russia, for example. Controversial British Biologist Rupert Sheldrake has recently published a book on this matter entitled Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home. I have seen Caroline teach a group of people the basics of animal communication and some of the students get amazingly detailed information from an animal that they could not possibly have known just by physical or even energetic (auric) observation. Caroline has deep compassion and reverence for animals which is her driving force to help people develop real communication and hence understanding of the issues an animal may have about the way it is being treated, what it might personally want in its life and so on.

I consider that what is included in these two course modules will be of value in maintaining well-being in any animals – humans, horses or whatever, as long as the modules are taught by lecturers who are themselves qualified, competent and experienced at the disciplines involved. The combination within the course of energy and physical therapies is a must for all round well-being of any animal.

Yours truly,

Peter Hinde. Ph.D. in High Energy Physics

Spider: Ever wondered what your horse thinks of his 'human'?

Caroline 'communicated' with my horse, "Spider", after seeing his photos. He has a foot problem (possibly navicular) and I asked her to see if there was anything I could do to help heal him. Caroline phoned me and within 2 sentences I new she had communicated with spider - he is a horse with a huge character - really a one off and there was no doubt when she described him it was my Spider to a tee!

Knowing what your horse thinks about you is enlightening and touching and Caroline reduced me to tears in the nicest way possible. Through him she has made some suggestions that I am putting into place - time will now tell. I can't thank Caroline enough I now know Spider much better we have a much 'closer' relationship and its nice to know that he actually does like me! As I said I did the above in August and the good news is Spider has been sound for a few months now, he had his ordinary shoes put on last week and has been 'discharged' from the specialist farrier!

Thanks again Caroline

Carole XX.

Trudi - The Boarder collie

I contacted Caroline about our Border Collie X as we have always said, we wish we knew what Trudi was thinking and if she was happy. We wanted to know why Trudi made such a terrible noise when we passed certain houses along the road where we live, and where quite a few cats live. People would stare at us, as they thought we were hurting her. This was driving us to distraction. Also we wanted to know if she was happy, and would she like a companion. All this was answered by Caroline.

Caroline told us that when we walk past the houses to focus on something entirely different and not on what we thought would happen. It was hard for my partner this morning to stay calm and to think of something more serene. However he managed it and the difference this made to him, and the walk was amazing. He enjoyed it so much, he can't understand why he has never done it before. I am now looking forward to taking Trudi out for a walk and to try it myself.

It is always good to find out that your dog is happy with you and loves being with you. Our job now is to find something we can all do together and enjoy, something of a challenge to keep Trudi alert. I did find out however that tap water was leaving an unpleasant taste in Trudi's mouth. I now boil the water in the filtered kettle and let it cool down. After just one day, Trudi has drunk more than usual. Such simple things but one I had never given thought to, as I just did what I always did with pets, gave them water from the tap.

It was good to hear Trudi would like a companion, and now hopefully we can go out and rescue another little dog and double the love we give and receive, double the fun, and double the pleasure of owning such wonderful animals.

I cant thank Caroline enough for the help she has given us, and everything she advised us to do will be put into practice every day. I enjoyed the communication with her so much, and would not hesitate to contact Caroline again if any other problems arose.

Patricia Whiteley.

Copper - Dressage Horse

Copper my beautiful trakehner 10 year old dressage horse went lame last May the vet diagnosed Navicular and more or less said Copper would only ever be fit for very light hacking. We tried bar shoes and he was even more horrendously lame. After a lot of thought and research I asked the vet to let me try barefoot, 6 months later he was trotting beautifully around the arena , the vet could not believe the video of him. His feet had changed shape but I daren't even think that he might be ok at this point. I was very reluctant to ride him as if I started off walking him he seemed very stiff and I backed off him completely. I had his back checked (bought him a treeless saddle) and he had some massage and reiki healing and I did some TTouch and TTeam work with him. He did appear to be sound but I just had a niggling feeling that he may still be in pain and did not know whether to try and bring him in to work or just retire him.

This is when I contacted Caroline.

When Caroline contacted me regarding her initial communication with him and described his character - the emotion that I felt was unbelievable - it was him to a T ! She also said that he wasn't in pain just stiff as he had been compensating for the lameness, she had identified that he had had problems in his feet this had also resulted in him compensating the way he worked and resulted in stiffness in his body especially in his back and shoulder area. Caroline went on to say that he felt under challenged and lonely and that both he and I had lost our confidence this had been added to by me because I backed off him instead of encouraging him. ( This reduced me to tears !) Caroline told me to continue doing the stretching/ supplying work and try some groundwork exercises which would help to stimulate him/focus him and supple. Caroline had picked up on the Reiki that he was having which of course we will continue with. She also suggested that I try some Bach flower remedies to help support him back into work I now have the confidence to do more with him knowing that he isn't in pain. I still take each day as it comes though.

Caroline also identified and answered questions on how he was feeling with his mouth and his teeth as he has had problems with this in the past. Caroline told me that he is now comfortable with his teeth and there was not any issues in this area. This was confirmed the day after when the dentist visited and told me that his teeth where good and he was not in any pain.

My trainer came up and we worked on getting his back supple working in walk by the end of the lesson he was doing his beautiful , free, swinging trot, moving so much I had forgotten how big he could move !! Thank you so much Caroline for your help !!

Best wishes Karen and Copper