Empowered Healing & Spirituality

Some of the Workshop Testimonies

I have had such fun doing workshops with Caroline. Her teachings are presented with knowledge, humor and care for the participants, which doesn't stop at classes all students who have studies with her are assured of support and backing up bar none. The monthly gatherings are taken with the same consideration as all workshops.

I can truly say I have never felt such confidence studying before I have with Caroline/ I think if I had, had teachers like her when I was at school I would have had a better academic record. I would whole halfheartedly recommend her to my Friends and anyone else interested in learning energy work and the plethora of other workshops run by Caroline. So get in touch and book a couse and change your life in the best way ever.

Ann Beirne (Newcastle Under Lyme, Stafford shire)

Words cant even describe how magical the whole experience was. I have leaernt so much about energy awareness and myself and how I can connect with it.

Anushka stupakoff (US)

This was an amazing weekend, I was gently supported through the different emotions and I gained many wonderful experiences. It is a must, I just want more!!!

Pattie Evans (Chester)

As this was very new to me, I was made to feel most welcome and I felt at home with the group very quickly. Caroline explained each part of the course very well. I am still processing all that I have witnessed and learnt.

Deborah Hargave

Working with Caroline has been a wonderful experience. With her knowledge and guidance I have learnt a lot in a short amount of time. I look forward to the next seminar.

Jane (Cheshire)

Energy Protection Course

‘A fantastic course, so in-depth and knowledgeable, fascinating. Amazing part of my spiritual journey'

Lisa Williams.

‘This is the most wonderful course. I thought I know a lot already, but I have learnt so much more. With clear explanation and practice activity it really helps to understand how I can work with my energy for a healthy balanced sense of wellbeing and protection. I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in this type of work Ann Beirne.

‘I highly recommend this course to develop your knowledge of how energetically to take care of yourself and others’. Liz Grosvenor.

‘The course was brilliant; it was brought together with great content and I found extremely useful to be able to use in everyday life’. Cheska Grosvenor.

‘I have found Part 1 & 2 very interested and enjoyable. I feel much better equipped to protect myself, family and my home’. Jacqui

‘It has given me more awareness of so much more to learn and expand on. Thank you for the knowledge shared and the support on my journey’. Hazel Hardy

Mindfulness Based Living Course

"A course for exploring a new way of living. Well paced with proactive tools to assist you on this journey. It has been life changing."

Grace Thompson (Cheshire)

"This course has enabled me to work towards a more postie life, to learn how to settle my chaotic mind and become more peaceful and at ease with myself. It has provided me with the tools to improve my life, to become more focused and to let go of the unnecessary noise if my mind. It has been life changing! Thank you!"

"A beautiful supportive course where one feels safe to explore feelings and emotions and to show one how to use daily mindfulness meditations to bring about a sense of well being. I have loved the practices on this very interactive course. Thank you so much."

Jean Toyn (Cheshire)

Spirit of the Horse Workshop

I Liked the meditations they were very powerful. I have learnt i have abilities id didn't realize i had, these abilities i will take away with me and continue to develop them.


Being able to connect and be reminded of the true energy of the horse has tough me to stay in that space, in the moment were we can share a profound connection.

Lucy (Cheshire)

Caroline's workshops are always interesting and enjoyable. I always learn from so much, often through unexpected experiences. Its always good to be in the company of like minded people.

Michelle Lowe (Cheshire)

What a fantastic workshop. I feel filled with information and I cannot wait to start work on my horses

Gillian Conroy (Cheshire)

Taken from a variety of workshops

I would recommend this workshop to anyone involved in healing. It is a very deep and powerful workshop and has certainly moved me on a huge steep in my healing journey.

Elane Alexander

Caroline creates a very safe environment to allow new experiences and vibrations to be felt and utilized in the healing energy we use.

Gill Griffith (Cheshire)

A  knowledgeable tutor, who guides students easily. Creating an environment where he energies flow readily

Lucy Stupahoff

I have leaernt new things and I will take them into my life experiences. I look forward to expanding my knowledge further and to use my new found skills.


Have an open mind and expect the unexpected. You wont be disappointed, Wonderful!

Susan Turner ( Cheshire)

I have gained so much more insight and the reassurance of what do to next.

Anne Beirne

“Thank you so much for including me in your Workshop. It was fascinating and inspiring and has given me a huge amount to think about.”

“With my very grateful thanks for everything you gave to me during the Reiki course. I feel so at one with life now, and ready to use the gifts I have got to go out and heal.

May God bless you and the wonderful work you do.”


“I would just like to say what a wonderful and inspirational weekend!

I still find it hard to put into words the emotional release during the weekend, but it was a very safe and secure environment and I was amongst friends.

I would like to thank you for all the care and gifts of healing and look forward to deepening my knowledge and experiences, and very much look forward to Level 2.”

Judi Calella (Staffs)

“Thank you - brilliant - the start to a new life!”

Jennifer Blenkiron (Wolverhampton)

“I found the weekend most enjoyable and you made it interesting and exciting.

Your explanations were all very easy to understand and clearer than I ever hoped.”

Cheryl O’Neill (Malpas)

“Brilliant course, lovely guides, fantastic people to meet.”

Nicola Hardwick (Staffordshire)

“I enjoyed all of the course, but especially seeing the auras as it made me realize I have always been seeing them

without realizing it.”

John Laurent (Stoke on Trent)

“The whole course was amazing and interesting, especially the meditation on the Sunday morning meeting, I really cannot put it into words.”

Sue Green (Wirral)

“The course was wonderful, everything, including the pace and content, it was perfect.

I loved the meditation and crystal work and growing within myself and allowing the self doubt to pass.”

Maren Amy (Altrincham)

“The dowsing was great as you could physically see what was happening. The chair healing gave me total proof that the energy was flowing.”

Sylda O’Brien (Manchester)

“The format and structure of the workshop was excellent, the guidance and easy information has encouraged me to further develop.

Excellent programme, to be commended.”

Ron Booth (Cheshire)

“The workshop has been excellent – all of it.

I loved the meditation and working with the horses.”

Lorraine Knowles (Lancs)

“I enjoyed the course – I would not change a thing

about the content.

I wasn’t sure that I could see auras. What I hadn’t realized was that I had seen auras in the past, but did not realize it.

The dowsing in particular stood out for me.

Steve King (Cheshire)

“The truthfulness, generosity and integrity of yourself

Caroline in sharing your knowledge with the Group.”

Sue Evans (Holcombe)

“I loved the hands-on healing and meeting my Guide through meditation. The crystals and dowsing, profound. Thank you.”

Nicki Barlow (Cheshire)

“Inspiring weekend, lovely group of people, I loved working with the horses and the relaxed state of mind.”

Kirstie Brooks (West Midlands)

“The workshop was excellent. I loved watching how each person developed and the amazement they had and the emotion that is released. I loved the meditation and attunements.”

Nicola Hones (Lancashire)

“I loved working with the crystals and the meditation.

A very well run course made me feel very welcome.”

Peter O’Brien (Lancs)

“The workshop helped me to see how interests and paths fit together, during the attunement I feel a sense of connection and my direction was confirmed.

Thank you both for a fabulous weekend’s journey.”

Lynne Mulcahy (Cumbria)

“Loved working with the horses and crystals, meditation and hands-on healing. I have really enjoyed this weekend and look forward to the next Level.

Alison James (Cheshire)

“What an excellent balance of theory and practical.

Working with ‘Harry’ the horse was a fantastic climax when working with the crystal and healing with him - to see the reaction from everyone with everything we learnt during the 2 days.”

Melanie Thompson (Whitchurch)

“Hands-on healing and meeting my Guide - WOW!”

Helen Cooper (Cheshire)

“I found the feeling of being myself very liberating. The protection within the classroom was comforting.”

Alison Dutton (Chester)

“A brilliant workshop - auras, hands-on, healing -

giving and receiving.”

Stephanie Howell (Tattenhall)

“Actually doing the healing, crystals, dowsing - excellent.”

Rachel Green (Cheshire)

“I found the course wonderfully uplifting. It didn’t last long enough!!

Format and structure were excellent.

I found it fascinating. There wasn’t one part I found more interesting than the others.

I’m still gob-smacked with everything we saw, did and talked about – WELL DONE.

I feel more confident with my sense of intuition and distance healing I enjoyed every minute of it.”

Jan Yates (Cheshire)

“The workshops are well organized and thought out.

I loved working with the horses.

Meridians of the horse, crystal healing and contacting the angelic realms. It was wonderful and I feel on top of the world.

Thank you.”

Dr. Valerie Westfield (North Wales)

“I cannot begin to tell you how much I have enjoyed my practicing since the Level One Workshop on my very patient guinea pigs.

I am thrilled at the results and effects it has had.

I am looking forward so much to the next Workshop.”

• Patricia Ann Ingram (Wrexham)