Empowered Healing & Spirituality

Shamanic:- Spirit of the Animal & Shamanic Animal Healing

It is necessary that the Introduction to Shamanic Training is completed before you progress onto this workshop.

During this workshop we will be working with and honoring the animal kingdom. Learning and experiencing a deeper level of connection with our animal friends, and experiencing the different energy  healing techniques that can take place during Shamanic Animal Connection and Healing.

The contents of this workshop includes;

  • Honoring the spirit of our animal friends (ceremony).
  • Using Shamanic Journeying to connect in a deep and profound way to our animal friends.
  • Shape shifting.
  • Using shamanic journeying to support the energy healing process.
  • How to hold the healing space so shamanic healing can take place.
  • Animal soul retrieval.
  • Animal spirit healing.

Cost of the  1 day workshop is £70  a deposit of £40 will secure your place for this workshop.

For further details including dates please contact Caroline